Video solutions

Integrating video alongside scouting information.

We make video integration seamless. Our video solutions are custom built for flexibility with your existing processes, in-house applications, and 3rd party tools. We offer solutions where video is hosted and streamed from the cloud or from a secure, Tier3 facility. Combine our video expertise and lightening fast video framework with our web-based mobile solutions to get the ultimate one-stop-shop accessibility for your entire system.

True HD streaming

We support true 1080p for upload, transcoding, and streaming. With our compression technology, you won’t be limited to low quality viewing!

Cloud-based hosting

Your video will be hosted on the cloud and served up via our content delivery network, guaranteeing fast, high quality video from any location or device!

Intelligent bulk upload

Our bulk uploading system can take gigs of files at once and add quick custom tags to all of your media. After upload, you instantly receive compression progress!

Advanced compression

Our compression technology allows you to get extremely high quality videos streamed at much lower bitrates. And we accept virtually every video codec!

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