Online/Offline apps

Advanced scouting systems that go where you go.

Regardless of your location, your custom system is just a few clicks away. We pioneer custom solutions as both pure web-based applications and hybrid online/offline systems.

Online/offline hybrid solutions

We’ve specialized in developing and deploying enterprise-grade software that makes your scouting system available both online and offline. Our clients choose this technology when data must be accessible regardless of an internet connection.  This includes complex data synchronization across your entire staff, enhanced system security protocols, and a speedy network backbone. We’ve invested over 10 years into developing user-friendly scouting systems that are built specifically for professional sports teams on this advanced data replicating framework.

Web-based solutions

Do you have an internal web-based system that you need extended? Do you want to start from scratch with a brand new system? Or maybe you want to utilize our base system and then customize it?

Our most innovative solutions are built on top of web-based frameworks, providing you with reporting and analytical systems that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Combined with custom interfaces, video solutions, and mobile solutions, your one-stop-shop is accessible in the most convenient format available.

Fast data replication

With bit-level replication in our online/offline hybrid systems, only relevant data is moved back and forth, lowering your replication times!

Advanced encryption

Our applications are protected with transfer, tunnel, and database encryption. With a locked down network, your data is safe with us!

Friendly support staff

As our client, your questions are quickly answered through our support system…or you have the option to call our engineers directly for tough issues!

Professional consulting

We provide our clients with professional,  streamlined consulting services resulting in innovative solutions that are staff inspired!

Call us today at 540-322-3527 or send us a message to learn more about these custom solutions!