Cloud-based solutions

Fast, flexible, and global. Now you’re in the cloud!

We’ve invested in providing industry leading integrated cloud solutions throughout our software. With concentrated involvement in our video technology, our cloud solutions are based on the muscle of an extensive hardware network wired around the world. This innovative competency equates to lightning fast system operation on any network connection.

It’s hit-the-gas fast

Whether you’re on a 100MB connection at the park, or a 1MB WiFi connection on the road, our Skylimit On-Demand cloud-based video technology fills your download pipe to its max!

Stringent file privacy

Private and ultra-secure, your files aren’t floating around unprotected. In fact, we go above and beyond to ensure that even your temporary files used in processing are not accessible, even by our hosting staff.

Access our global CDN

You’ll have access to our content delivery network with specific server locations around the baseball world, including location-based video content delivery in South America and Asia.

Smart file handling

Upload video from any source, anytime. Our cloud-based compression and transcoding engine can handle any file type you throw at it including video from camcorders, iPhones, park cameras, BATS, or even Clips.

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