Business Initiative

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We’ve built complex, data-oriented enterprise systems for over 10 years. Over time, we’ve noticed a huge crossover in our distinctive competency to analytical business tools. Beyond the similarities of the type of tools necessary to consume large data sets, our technologies bridge the gap between the inflow of dozens of data sources and a customized, one-stop-shop web interface. ScoutAdvisor has been poised to assist businesses for years, and we’ve invested money and energy into translating our capabilities for business use.

Our Assets

We want to make our mark in the B2B space across myriad markets using the assets we’ve built up for more than 10 years.

  • Our robust technology platform built to interface with any data source
  • Our commitment to enterprise-level tools supported by Microsoft’s newest technologies
  • Our consulting-driven approach to solutions building
  • Our seasoned technical and strategy personnel
  • Our global hardware infrastructure
  • Our leadership in understanding and reinventing key markets’ capabilities

Call us today at 540-322-3527 or send us a message and tell us how our Business Initiative may fit with your organization’s needs.