Introducing DataPro 3

ALEXANDRIA, Va – (March 02, 2012) – ScoutAdvisor Corporation, producers of the industry-standard ScoutAdvisor® 4.0 system, has enhanced its highly touted DataPro scouting analytics application to encapsulate functionality required for the entire front office.

Having demonstrated the functionality of DataPro 3 (DP3) to more than a dozen clubs at Major League Baseball’s December Winter Meetings in Dallas, the company plans to release an industry wide version in Q4 2012. By combining data from any available source with custom team-by-team interfaces, ScoutAdvisor has met the demand for a more flexible, intuitive and video-centric SaaS scouting tool. The application can also be used on mobile devices such as Apple’s iPhone/iPad and Google’s Android OS. Front Office executives from any location simply log in and with a few clicks, pull up detailed customized reports, videos and RSS feeds on any player or any club.

“Our clients have helped us design this version of the application. We’ve heard what they needed, and we have responded. Major League Baseball is our primary consumer, but our custom framework will in time be applied across multiple sports markets,” noted ScoutAdvisor’s Yates Jarvis, VP Strategy & Creative. “It is the close relationship with our MLB clients that fosters continued innovation backed by a fierce determination to keep our expertise leapfrogging other players in the industry. We will continue to advance new technology offerings in a way that makes complete sense to our clients.”

“ScoutAdvisor aids and refines the decision process in MLB front offices by aggregating millions of data points and producing thousands of unique reports on every facet of a player,” said Michael Morizio, CEO. “DP3 is a harbinger of continued advances to come- we’re excited to continue our legacy of modern scouting through user-inspired design packaged in an enterprise-level solution.”

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March 02, 2012

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