Innovation Spurs Growth as ScoutAdvisor Increases Manpower

Boston, MA – (April 19, 2010) – Innovation remains at the forefront of seasoned tech firm ScoutAdvisor Corporation’s strategy to surpass its MLB clients’ expectations. With the addition of Kevin Babcock, a nationally respected web technology specialist, ScoutAdvisor recommitted its dedication to front lining hi-tech initiatives inside of baseball scouting and front office decision making. Babcock formerly helped lead the Web Evangelist program at one of the top web component development shops in the country prior to heading up development at I3 on classified tech projects for ITT Corporation (

“We’re extremely excited to bring a developer onboard with the experience and talent of a guy like Kevin,” said Yates Jarvis, VP Strategy & Creative. “Taking a look at the advances we’ve made with custom technology for MLB teams this year, it just seemed like an easy decision: find the best guy out there working on the web, and get him to work for us.”

After its investment in developing a video offering to leverage its data based Source Funnel Technology®, ScoutAdvisor sprinted into 2010 with record interest in expanding its statistical data feeds and connecting them to scouting feedback and video. As a result of releasing new products that push the forefront of web development for MLB clubs, ScoutAdvisor will be looking to expand its own team even further in 2010.

“In a recessionary year, where most businesses were hunkering down to ride out the storm, ScoutAdvisor invested in its future,” said Michael Morizio, Founder and CEO. “2009 was an awesome year for us as we saw a significant year over year increase in revenue growth and a commensurate growth in the strength and size of our company. We invested in developing proprietary technologies as well as hiring new engineers in preparation for delivering some of the finest analytics and decision support systems we’ve ever built.”

Babcock is actively involved in the web-based software development community, specializing in development process reformation, UI control implementation, and database performance enhancement for enterprise analysis and query capabilities. He joins ScoutAdvisor with a degree from Texas A&M University.

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ScoutAdvisor Corporation is the nation’s leading scouting technology company. Since 1999, ScoutAdvisor has been specializing in the creation of technology solutions to improve the collection, reporting and management of data by providing customized, online/offline analytics, data aggregation, and advanced, visual data trending. Currently, a majority of Major League Baseball uses these cutting-edge systems. ScoutAdvisor is also dedicated to developing for international markets, with a comprehensive system currently in use by clients including Japan’s ORIX Buffaloes. For more information, visit or contact

April 19, 2010

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