MLB Front Office

Built by MLB Front Offices, for MLB Front Offices for more than 10 years.

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From General Managers down through Baseball Operations, our cutting-edge software is refined year-in and year-out for intuitive collaboration between decision makers, one-stop-shop information portals, and in-depth data analysis. We’ve worked with front offices across MLB for over 10 years, letting each team stand apart with their own processes, reports, and algorithms that assist in placing each and every player on the field. This translates into deep industry knowledge that affords ScoutAdvisor the expertise to rapidly interpret and design baseball-centric solutions from a sports-specific history.

Our Product Focus

Our flagship platform assists in every aspect of front office decision making for MLB teams, focusing on these best-of-breed software strategies:

  • Flexible, rich user interfaces
  • Cross-platform experiences
  • Device-enhanced responsive layouts
  • Advanced permissioning
  • Unlimited, deep customization
  • Unparalleled data access

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