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ScoutAdvisor MLB Web App Sports Software BaseballBack in 1999, a leading software technology company in Tampa, FL was contracted by the New York Yankees to develop a brand new proprietary Pro and Amateur Scouting System. The result was nothing short of revolutionary. So much so that after hearing the word, several more MLB clubs requested the company to develop proprietary systems for them. Responding to the demand, the company built a new, advanced and fully-customizable “one-stop-shop” scouting and data analysis solution called, ScoutAdvisor®. The system was premiered at the Area Code games in Long Beach CA, in August, 2001. To the astonishment of several attending front office staff members, ScoutAdvisor revealed its newly integrated technologies geared to serve an entire club’s data mining and reporting needs. Essentially, what was originally conceived as a Pro and Amateur scouting system had evolved into a system of 14 database modules covering all the Front Office, Pro, Amateur, Player Development, Medical and International Scouting Departments’ reporting requirements.

By that Fall, a deal was struck with Beane and the Athletics’ staff…

The baseball authorities attending the Area Code Games that year were amazed at the plethora of public and private statistical and biographical data that had been aggregated to produce the fist-ever online/offline private analytical system – now being made available to any MLB club. Among the inquiring minds were prominent staff members of the Oakland Athletics. The GM of the A’s was Billy Beane (of MoneyBall fame). By that Fall, a deal was struck with Beane and the Athletics’ staff for ScoutAdvisor® to become the central data gathering, scouting and reporting system for Oakland’s front office and sabermetricians, ScoutAdvisor® had taken off…

The Sox went on to famously win their first world series in 86 years using ScoutAdvisor®

Red Sox Wine | ScoutAdvisor Sports Software App MLB ScoutingScoutAdvisor® soon became the de facto standard for scouting and reporting systems across Major League Baseball. By the start of the 2002 season, Theo Epstein had assured this new standard was in place for his then current employer, the San Diego Padres. Theo adopted the system once again during the Winter of 2002 as one of his first strategic initiatives in his new position at the helm of the Boston Red Sox. The Sox went on to famously win their first world series in 86 years using ScoutAdvisor® as their data collection, aggregation, scouting and reporting system. Dave Dombrowski followed suit a year later in his role as GM of the Detroit Tigers . The Yankees’ GM Brian Cashman re-signed with the company for the newly developed system soon after that. Within two more years John Shuerholz along with present GM Frank Wren (Atlanta Braves) and Walt Jocketty and present GM John Mozeliak (St. Louis Cardinals) eagerly adopted the new technology for their respective clubs, which by that time included a reporting module for hand-held (PDA) devices. Upon receiving his own customized version of ScoutAdvisor®, Mozeliak was quoted as saying; “the ScoutAdvisor® system will keep us on the cutting edge of technology and empower our staff to make better decisions.” In 2010, Jocketty adopted the newest version of the system when he moved over to become the GM of the Cincinnati Reds. Over a ten year period, the vast majority of MLB clubs had signed on to work with ScoutAdvisor Corporation.

ScoutAdvisor MLB Web App Sports Software BaseballAt ScoutAdvisor, we continually listen to our clubs’ needs. We have evolved our offerings over the last twelve years to meet those needs. We have added customized and integrated video solutions (vID®) within our flagship products, and developed a host of other proprietary analytics tools for our various MLB and Japanese clients. We are proud of our past accomplishments and we eagerly look forward to developing new products that will vault our technologies to the forefront of professional sports and beyond…  Watch for a glimpse of our products which will be featured in the upcoming Warner Bros. movie titled, “Trouble with the Curve” in September, starring Clint Eastwood, Amy Adams, Justin Timberlake, and John Goodman.

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