Colorado Rockies Sign with ScoutAdvisor Corporation

Boston, MA – (December 15, 2009) – The Colorado Rockies have signed with ScoutAdvisor Corporation to deploy the complete ScoutAdvisor® suite of applications for the start of the 2010 season. The Rockies have joined the company’s roster of Major League Baseball clients who utilize ScoutAdvisor’s sophisticated scouting and baseball technology solutions.

The Rockies made the decision to procure the flagship ScoutAdvisor® 4.0 scouting system, which is the most prominent scouting system in Major League Baseball used by a plurality of MLB clubs for real-time, secure access and collaboration of player evaluations and other statistical data. The club is also rolling out ScoutAdvisor® DataPro, a powerful web-based tool that utilizes relational technology to analyze and synthesize player information and statistics from multiple public and proprietary sources.

The ScoutAdvisor® 4.0 application suite is fully customizable and allows GMs, front-office staff, field staff, instructors and scouts to securely access, input and upload public and propriety scouting and statistical data, and synchronize their systems with player updates, contracts and other transaction information from Major League Baseball, MLB Advanced Media (MLBAM), the Major League Scouting Bureau (MLSB) and other proprietary STATS providers, all via a secure, centralized system.

“We are privileged to count the Colorado Rockies among our ScoutAdvisor® clients” said Michael Morizio, President and CEO, ScoutAdvisor Corp. “Colorado has made many decisions in 2009 that will advance the club forward in 2010, and we recognize that deploying the full suite of ScoutAdvisor® applications is an important step in advancing the club’s technology prowess.”

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ScoutAdvisor Corporation is the nation’s leading scouting technology company. Since 1999, ScoutAdvisor has been specializing in the creation of technology solutions to improve the collection, reporting and management of data by providing customized, online/offline analytics, data aggregation, and advanced, visual data trending. Currently, a majority of Major League Baseball uses these cutting-edge systems. ScoutAdvisor is also dedicated to developing for international markets, with a comprehensive system currently in use by clients including Japan’s ORIX Buffaloes. For more information, visit or contact

December 15, 2009

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