Colorado Rockies Renew with ScoutAdvisor before Trade Deadlines

ALEXANDRIA, VA – (July 20, 2012)– The Colorado Rockies have renewed a multi-year contract with ScoutAdvisor Corporation ahead of the upcoming July Trade Deadlines. The club has deployed the industry standard suite, online/offline ScoutAdvisor® 4.0 with DataPro 2.5 to take advantage of the many analytical capabilities of the combined systems.

“Colorado has put a great deal of emphasis and priority on building intrinsic analytical reports into their customized version of the product” said Michael Morizio, the company’s CEO. These new analytics tools afford the front office the latitude they need when making critical trade decisions as is happening now before the July deadlines.”

“We’re partnering with all of our clubs’ front offices to roll out dozens of custom feature enhancements that stem from our acquired knowledge and commitment over 12 years now in communication and collaboration with some of the finest minds in baseball. The one-two-punch of ScoutAdvisor® 4.0 and DataPro 2.5 puts this system in a class by itself as far integrated scouting and analytical tools are concerned,” said Yates Jarvis, Vice President of Strategy and Creative.

About ScoutAdvisor Corporation

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July 20, 2012

ScoutAdvisor, Corporation | Alexandria