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Boston, MA – (January 28, 2010) – Major League Baseball teams are excited as they look ahead to a new season and are expecting to utilize more innovations in the practice of scouting and front-office technologies. In addition to forming a recent relationship with the college stats gurus at, ScoutAdvisor Corporation made many important moves over the last two years that reveal their strategy of staying ahead of the curve.

“Innovation times ten. It can’t happen in our products only, but must permeate our entire business process and our relationships among all stakeholders. We’ve increased hiring, streamlined our support systems, built new products off of the most modern, secure technologies, and reached out to third party companies that can help make player, team, and scout analysis the best it can be,” explained Yates Jarvis, VP Strategy & Creative at ScoutAdvisor. “Specifically with, we wanted to connect the most advanced proprietary college data to the clubs’ main systems. Kent and Jeff are doing it right. By connecting their data with our Source Funnel Technology®, all of our teams will have the option of using the best college stats available.”

CollegeSplits co-founder Jeff Sackmann agrees. “Our goal from Day 1 has been to help teams make intelligent choices by providing cutting-edge data they simply can’t find anywhere else,” said Sackmann. “Teaming up with a trusted service like ScoutAdvisor–with years of experience catering to the precise needs of MLB teams–makes all the sense in the world to us. The ability to fully integrate our data with ScoutAdvisor’s products gives teams the opportunity to better leverage scouting observations and take the next step forward in amateur baseball analysis. We hope this agreement will be a boon to both our current and our future MLB clients.”

With a direct connection into their ScoutAdvisor® 4.0 and DataPro® 2.5 systems, MLB teams will have access to full analysis of college stats interwoven with their own proprietary grading and evaluation data.

About ScoutAdvisor Corporation

ScoutAdvisor Corporation is the nation’s leading scouting technology company. Since 1999, ScoutAdvisor has been specializing in the creation of technology solutions to improve the collection, reporting and management of data by providing customized, online/offline analytics, data aggregation, and advanced, visual data trending. Currently, a majority of Major League Baseball uses these cutting-edge systems. ScoutAdvisor is also dedicated to developing for international markets, with a comprehensive system currently in use by clients including Japan’s ORIX Buffaloes. For more information, visit or contact

About provides a wide array of college and junior college baseball play-by-play data, splits, and statistical services to members of the media and MLB teams.

January 28, 2010

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