Cincinnati Reds Ink Multi-Year Deal with ScoutAdvisor Corporation

Boston, MA – (December 4, 2009) – The Cincinnati Reds have signed a multi-year deal with ScoutAdvisor Corporation, the company that counts the majority of Major League Baseball clubs utilizing its advanced scouting and analytical technology, as clients. The Reds are slated to deploy the “extended” ScoutAdvisor® DataPro system for the 2010 season and beyond.

Cincinnati’s Owner, Bob Castellini, along with GM Walt Jocketty and other front office executives met with the principals of ScoutAdvisor Corp. on Tuesday at The Great American Ball Park where the contract to procure the ScoutAdvisor® DataPro system was signed.

“Utilizing ScoutAdvisor’s Source Funnel Technology®, the Reds will deploy the most state of the art one-stop-shop analytical system to date. Both data and video feeds from a plethora of diverse public and proprietary silos will all be aggregated into one, centralized, searchable location on the web, and will be accessible via laptop or mobile device,” said Yates Jarvis, VP of Strategy and Creative for ScoutAdvisor Corp.

ScoutAdvisor Corp. has invested over 2,500 hours on exacting its proprietary Source Funnel Technology® for its ‘DataPro’ product. The Reds are the benefactors of nearly ten years of evolution in ScoutAdvisor’s system development.

ScoutAdvisor® is a category-killer application for professional sports teams. It is most-often deployed across a wide spectrum of staff, from front offices, to scouting departments, to player development personnel. The company is tailoring its systems for a roll out to the NFL, NHL, NBA, EUFA and MLS in the not-too-distant future.

About ScoutAdvisor Corporation

ScoutAdvisor Corporation is the nation’s leading scouting technology company. Since 1999, ScoutAdvisor has been specializing in the creation of technology solutions to improve the collection, reporting and management of data by providing customized, online/offline analytics, data aggregation, and advanced, visual data trending. Currently, a majority of Major League Baseball uses these cutting-edge systems. ScoutAdvisor is also dedicated to developing for international markets, with a comprehensive system currently in use by clients including Japan’s ORIX Buffaloes. For more information, visit or contact

December 4, 2009

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